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President: Mr Ferlin Marsh

Ratings Chairman & Treasurer : Mr Ferlin Marsh

International Co-Ordinator: Ms Lelagi Tavita


To the preservation and development of boxing as a universal sport and its potential as a developer of young manhood and the expansion of greater amity and accord among nations of the world, the WORLD BOXING ASSOCIATION dedicates these rules and regulations.

WBA was conceived and functions as truly altruistic body designed for the protection of its millions of matched contestants in a duel of skill and gladiatorial mastery, under proper and orderly supervision.

Boxing is a natural expression of man’s innate competitive spirit and therefore truly the only sport which is practiced in every corner of the globe. From the early days of worldly existence, men have competed one-to-one to establish superiority.

It is herein suggested that the proof of boxing’s established place in the universe is the hope that mankind may substitute its spirit and essence for the fateful and deplorable resort to deadly wars. Better that competitive fans may sit in arenas to cheer their respective opponent on to a sporting decision by its peers that to threaten world destruction in unreasoned wars of nuclear annihilation.

World Boxing Association represents the respective boxing Commissions of countries, territories, states and provinces whose proper governing authorities have been admitted to membership.

These rules and regulations strive for uniformity of conduct of the sports within and outside the ring; for uniformity of scoring; for systematic rating of boxers in all divisions, leading to an orderly opportunity for title aspirants and challengers as providing for systematic title defenses by champions; for orderly conduct of managers and seconds in the ring and out and, in general, to provide a high standard of administration and behavior.

To this end, the WORLD BOXING ASSOCIATION counsels its members to become aware of the provisions of these rules and regulations and thus sustain boxing’s good name.



World Title Weights

Both Andrew Moloney (AUS) and Elton Dharry (Guyana) both respectfully made the 52.16 weight limit on their 1st attempt. The Oceania champion came in at 52kgs even while his WBA Fedecentro champ came in 51.85kgs. The officials are, Referee: Ferlin Marsh (NZ) Judges: Chalerm Prayadsab (Thailand) Carla Caiz (USA) Francisco Martinez (NZ) Supervisor: Won Kim (Korea) Title: Interim WBA Super Flyweight Title
Promoter is Green Machine Boxing Promotions. Venue: Margaret Court Arena, Victoria – Australia. Photos courtesy of Green Machine Boxing Promotions

2 WBA Oceania Champions Shooting for Top Prize and Another Defending This Weekend

WBA Oceania wishes our 2 champions Kane Watts (Cruiserweight) and Andrew Moloney (Super Flyweight) all the best for the most important fight of your lives. Watts travels to Paris, France to fight regular champion Arsen Goulamirian while Moloney in his his backyard of Melbourne, Australia taking on Guyanan fighter Elton Dharry for the WBA Interim Super Flyweight title. Also on the same card as Andrew is twin Jason who will be defending his WBA Oceania bantamweight crown for the 12th time against Nicaraguan Dixon Flores. Watts has a very hard task ahead of him in a foreign country but has the skills to upset the champ. Andrew is very confident and will have all the hometown support cheering him on while Jason will be following in his brothers footsteps and will give Australia another world title next year.

From the Executive

The WBA Oceania is an officially affiliated region with the WBA. Member countries include Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Vanuatu, New Caledonia, New Guinea, Western Samoa, American Samoa, Tonga, Guam, Tahiti and the Polynesian Islands. Our Charter includes maintaining the esteemed reputation and principles of the WBA and to promote Boxing throughout our region. The WBA Oceania works with local commissions, boxers, promoters and other stakeholders to deliver a standard of service expected of an internationally affiliated body. Being so affiliated enables us to provide our champions with genuine opportunities for career advancement.

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