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Its On…Zerafa To Put His Title On The Line

‘You’re fighting Venezuelan taxi drivers’: Tszyu, Zerafa trade insults in epic four-minute sledge-fest

Tim Tszyu will face Michael Zerafa on July 7th.
Tim Tszyu will face Michael Zerafa on July 7th.Source: FOX SPORTS

Tim Tszyu will face long-time rival Michael Zerafa after confirming the all-Australian clash would be the latest in his so-far undefeated career.

Tszyu, who is currently 18-0 following his fifth round stoppage of Irishman Dennis Hogan last time out, was eying a world title fight next but COVID and the complicated landscape of the division has seen him finally respond to Zerafa’s repeated call outs.

With WBO champion Brian Castano set to face off against Jermell Charlo in a bid to unify the division, Tszyu will now head back to Newcastle to settle his score with Zerafa.The two will square off on Wednesday 7th July at Newcastle Entertainment Centre, live on Main Event.

'No one would care' if he wasn't 'Tszyu'

‘No one would care’ if he wasn’t ‘Tszyu

Zerafa kicked off a fiery press conference on Thursday in Sydney as he tried to keep composed with his talk about Tszyu.

“The talk stops. Everyone is expecting fireworks with me. He can call me whatever he wants. When I was fighting world class opponents, he was drinking warm milk before bed so it doesn’t matter to me.”

However, he couldn’t keep calm for much longer and the two launched into a four-minute slugfest of insult after insult.

Here’s what they said to each other:

MZ: He’s a bit soft. He’s taking everything personal. If he’d have signed the fight years ago… you rejected the fight. We got calls and video that you lost a knuckle and it was your grandfather’s hand. You can’t fight because you needed surgery on your hand.

TT: Facts, it was my hand actually.

MZ: I’ve wanted this fight. I was in a four-fight plan. You fought three out of the four. Remember that.

TT: You lost to Horn.

MZ: I got robbed against Hore. I got robbed.

TT: So I fought the winner of the two of you. I’m not going to fight the loser.

MZ: You’re fighting Venezuelan taxi drivers mate.

TT: Name one.

MZ: I don’t even know their names mate. I can name a whole bunch of people I’ve fought, I bet you know who they are. You know who Kell Brook is. You know who Jeff Horn is.

TT: You’ve fought them, but at the end of the day you lost.

MZ: Did you go 12 round with Kell Brook? I’ve proven I can do the things that you’ve done. I’ve beaten Jeff Horn too.

TT: I would beat Kell Brook.

MZ: You think you can.

TT: It’s not an achievement taking people distances.

MZ: You’ve never fought outside your back yard. You got dropped by Wade Ryan. I’m a different beast to Wade Ryan.

Tszyu & Zerafa HEAT UP at announcement

Tszyu & Zerafa HEAT UP at announcement.

TT: I don’t lose to Wade Ryan. You fought Wade Ryan seven years into your career.

MZ: I fought him a year after year. I’d only had 15 fights – same as you! At 26 years old you’re fighting a 37 year old in Dennis Hogan off two losses. At 26 I was fighting Kell Brook for a world title.

TT: And now you’re fighting 46-year-old Mundine.

MZ: Because you didn’t pick up your phone. How many missed called did you have from us?

TT: Missed calls? Not one.

MZ: We had to fight Mundine. Because you didn’t want it. You had that many missed calls from us, you didn’t want the fight. We’ve got international opponents, this and that. You never had anything. You didn’t have any fights. Talk the truth, don’t lie.

TT: This is the truth, it’s facts. He’s got this whole circus of calling out different fighters. I saw him calling out some AFL fighter.

MZ: Again, doesn’t know his facts! That was a charity bout. You want to bag a charity event live on Fox Sports?! I have to give back. I didn’t have my dad to get me where I’m at. I built everything I have with my bare hands. You’re TT2. You’re still the second best even in your family name. If you’re name was Tim Smith, no one would care mate.

TT: Well I’m Tim Tszyu. It’s a second generation.

Article taken from Fox Sports….

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