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Mose Auimatangi…Remember The Name

Kerry “Captn” Foley and Mose Auimatangi were 1st up at the Seagulls Sports Club last night and what a fight to start the night off. Both came to fight and show who had the skill and heart to come out on top. Foley’s style is to come forward and throw bombs, Auimatangi’s style is a calm and relaxed one with great timing. But be warned, if you want to trade he is more than willing to return the favour. In the 2nd round Foleys glove touched the canvas from a right to the head which referee Justin Kennedy rightfully put on the mandatory 8 count. With that being a 10-8 round to the visitor and who also won the 1st, Auimatangi was getting into the groove and wearing Foley down by mixing his shots up and down the body. People in the crowd by now must of been thinking “who is this kid” as their local hero Foley was overwhelmed by this foe from across the ditch. The “Captn” is one who never gives up and everything he threw at his opponent, Auimatangi was just walking in and returning with power shots. The fateful round came at 1min 38secs into the 6th round when Mose landed a straight right to the body and then a left to the head to finish him off. With this win, he captured the WBA Oceania East-West Super middleweight title and is going to be a real player in this division with great fighters in Zac Dunn and Jayde Mitchell now looking over their shoulders.

Photo credit to @capture_photography_byron_bay

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