Mr Gilberto Mendoza


President: Mr Francisco Martinez

Ratings Chairman & Treasurer : Mr Ferlin Marsh

International Co-Ordinator: Ms Lelagi Tavita

Venezuela Full of Boxing in Honor to Gilberto Mendoza.

1st Anniversary

The first Boxing Festival “Gilberto Mendoza”, taking place this week in several Venezuelan states, marks one year anniversary of the death of the World Boxing Association emeritus president.

Apure and Anzoategui lived a historical day where young boxers took part in very hot fights, as homage to the man who contributed with boxing development in Venezuela and the world thanks to tireless work.

In Apure there were seven fights with Johan Herrera, who beat Bit Brito (57 Kg) in cadet category, in addition to the eight-year-old Jhoangel Herrera, who beat Ray Sánchez (28 kg).

In Anzoátegui there were 12 bouts, with a good audience who honor Mendoza. For their part, Portuguesa and Monagas also had activity on this first day. In all the rings there were a minute of silence as posthumous homage for the Venezuelan leader.

The Festival will carry on all the week and will take place in more than 20 Venezuelan states. On Saturday, on the first year of Mendoza heartfelt passing, there will be two masses in Aragua and a professional boxing program.

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