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President: Mr Francisco Martinez

Ratings Chairman & Treasurer : Mr Ferlin Marsh

International Co-Ordinator: Ms Lelagi Tavita

WBA President Gilberto J. Mendoza Talks Boxing

jnrBy Karl Freitag conducted an in-depth interview with World Boxing Association President Gilberto J. Mendoza over the weekend. Part one is a stream of consciousness piece wading into the WBA leader’s thoughts on the sport. Part two (coming later this week) is a Q&A.

In part one, Mendoza discusses what drives him in the sport, memories of his father (the late longtime WBA President Gilberto Mendoza) and growing up around the sport in Ohio, his plan to consolidate the number of WBA champions to one in each division, working with other sanctioning bodies, AIBA, and national and state commissions, drug testing, and even the reader comments on the® website (“I like the respectful ones.”)

He also discussed the situation with the currently vacant WBA heavyweight title. If all goes according to plan, Wladimir Klitschko fights Anthony Joshua for the super title, with the winner to face Luis Ortiz. Meanwhile, Shannon Briggs, Alexander Ustinov and Fres Oquendo will sort it out for the regular title. Then the winners will finally meet to crown one champion.

Mendoza commented that the process is taking longer than he’d hoped, but he confidently assures the boxing world that…

“There is only going to be one belt!”

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