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WBA to Hold 98th Convention in China

WBA to Hold 98th Convention in China

The WBA will hold its 98th Convention in China
by Jesús Milano.
Translated by Samuel Rosenberg

September 24th, 2019

Fuzhou, city of China, will be the venue chosen for the 98th Biannual Convention of the World Boxing Association (WBA), which will take place from November 6th to 11th over six intense working days.
The good relations with Chinese boxing and the growth that it has had in recent years have made the Asian country the one chosen to make a very important convention in which relevant issues about today’s boxing will be discussed and different internal aspects of the organization reviewed in search of improvement for the immediate future.
The WBA will return to China for a convention for the first time in 10 years. The last time such an event was held on Chinese soil was in 2009, in Chengdu. In addition, it highlights the fact of returning to Asia since Indonesia in 2012.
The oldest organization in the world had three consecutive conventions on American soil with Lima (2013), Panama City (2015) and Medellin (2017). It is the first time that this event will be held in Asia since the Convention is formatted every two years.
Among the outstanding activities, highlights the arrival of the Board of Directors on the 6th, which will precede the General Assembly on November 7th. On the 8th there will be a meeting with promoters and a Medical Seminar, the 9th will be the International Officers Seminar, on the 10th the Conclusions and Recommendations will be carried out together with the Boxing Night and on the 11th will be the official departure of the staff and guests to the Convention.
The different special guests to Fuzhou will be announced as the days go by and the month of November approaches.

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