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President: Mr Francisco Martinez

Ratings Chairman & Treasurer : Mr Ferlin Marsh

International Co-Ordinator: Ms Lelagi Tavita

What to do when one of the boxers falls out of the ring?

If it occurs after a clean blow:

The referee must count to 20 seconds (as opposed to the usual 10) for the fighter to get into the ring and rejoin.

The protection count must be 18 seconds, which means that if the fighter goes back in the ring very quickly, the referee is obliged to count to 18 before letting him continue fighting.

The fighter cannot receive any kind of help from the technical staff or his own corner. Contact will only be allowed to protect the boxer and not to be helped. If the corner helps the fighter, it may be grounds for disqualification.

If the fighter cannot get back into the ring before the count of 20, it will be considered a KO in favor of his rival. If he manages to climb to the ring, but the referee does not see him in good condition at the count of 18, he will lose by TKO.

If the boxer falls into the apron (edge of the ring but out of the ropes), the count should be up to 10 as in a conventional fall.

In the event that a boxer falls from the ring after an illegal action from his rival:If he can continue, the referee must call the offender to the center of the ring and take a point away from them. If there is a cut or injury because of it, the referee must take away two points.

If the action is more serious and the boxer could not continue, the referee would have to disqualify the aggressor

If a boxer falls out of the ring by accident:

In this situation, there is no count. The referee waits for the boxer to come up and has him checked with the ringside physician.

If the accidental action involves both fighters but only one falls, the referee asks for time and asks the ringside doc to check him. If the match exceeded the fourth round, and the fighter who fell by accident cannot continue, the fight goes to the cards. If the fight has not passed the fourth round, it is considered “no decision”.

If the accidental fall is caused by sudden movements or carelessness of the boxer himself and could not continue, it will be considered a TKO, since the opponent was not involved in the fall outside the ring.

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